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One could find a lovely home in a great neighborhood at a reasonable price in a perfect world. But current market conditions don’t lend themselves to that ideal home, neighborhood, and price combination. Consequently, 9x Corporation created a partnership with those experts in the industry. 9x Mortgage, 9x Homes, 9x Capital, and 9x Realty walk prospective homeowners from start to completion in any real estate project. Let’s look at one such real estate plan:

1. 9x Loan Consultant secures financing pre-approval

2. 9x Real Estate Agent (or your own) meets to establish home wish-list and desired neighborhood (9x agents often have “pocket listings”–homes not yet on the open market)

3. 9x General Contractor helps define renovation potential, design, and cost

4. 9x Capital Group purchases the house you identify

5. 9x General Contractor finalizes design plan and cost

6. 9x Real Estate Agent (or your own) executes your purchase contract to buy the home after the renovation/remodeling is complete

7. 9x General Contractor and crews complete the work in 6-8 weeks

8. 9x Real Estate agent (or your own) accompanies you to closing, explains contracts and signing, and hands over the keys!

It is easy and rewarding when you invite the 9x Corporation into your very own real estate adventure.

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